Our tomatoes are producing a TON of fruit right now.  

The morning ritual of picking the ripe tomatoes is something I look forward to...  I just love the smell of the plants.  In fact, last year I bought a perfume that was supposed to smell like tomato plants.  It's not even close to the real thing, but I did pull it out of the medicine cabinet during the winter during a couple of I-must-have-summer-now emergencies.  Our plants are looking a little bit rough, but that might have something to do with the 100+ weather we've been having.  I'm working on figuring out if they need some extra TLC, and if so,just what exactly they might need.  Along with choosing plants that produce different sizes of tomatoes each year, I always try to pick different colors, too.  This year we've got a ton of the little yellow pear variety, and they are pretty precious.  

All of these tomatoes!  We've gifted a lot, eaten a lot, and I do a lot of tomato gazing.  I'm sort of in love.