This morning, the Borderlands Writing Project gathered in Mesilla, New Mexico to experience the historic home of Mr. J. Paul Taylor, a local treasure of a man who has lived a life of service as an educator and legislator.  Today was special for a lot of reasons:  life connecting to art, to place, to teaching, to writing, to people.  

While we were there, we took some time to write:

Minimalism is trending.  They say, "declutter" and "purge" and "let it go" ...

A modern approach.

Clean lines and shiny steel.

Bright white.

Open floor plans.

Let your eyes rest.

Thank god for Mr. Taylor and his magpie eye.  A collector's soul understands that cosas can hold worlds.  That threads can tell stories.  That shelves filled with memories speak.

Objects are time machine treasures that take us back to the intimate breath of the most personal moments, or that project eras of history on the drive-in movie screens of our collective consciousness.

Mr. Taylor has created a habitat for history, an environment for exploration, a loving shrine to the sacredness of art, an ode to living.  Thank you, Mr. Taylor, for following your New Mexico heart and gifting us with your home.  Its rooms are acequias, flowing full with culturas that water the imaginations of those who visit.

History is not for minimalists.  History is for those who value the colorful, eclectic, layered, collections of living -  gathered and gifted by the voices who have come before us.

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